Five Reasons why you Must Quit Smoking

Smoking is undoubtedly one of the worst habits smokers develop over the time. Whether you smoke two cigarettes a day or twenty cigarettes, chances are rare that you are safe from cancer. There are thousands of other reasons why you should give up smoking immediately. However, this writing will explain five of the top reasons why you should quit smoking.

  • Reason of Cancer:   Medical reports show that some six million people die each year only from smoking-oriented cancer. This is the official reports, millions of others die unnoticed. The severity of smoking oriented cancer is severer than other kindstoxic chemicals in cigarettes of cancer. So, if you want to stay safe from this deadly health problem, make sure not to smoke anymore.
  • Deadly chemicals: Reports show that smoking a cigarette means inhaling 400 toxic chemicals all at once. Chemicals like arsenic, lithium, carbon-mono-oxide etc are few of the chemicals that nearly damage your body. So, it is clear that smoking does not only causes cancer, it also leaves deadly chemicals in your body.
  •  Reduced body metabolism: What scares you the most? Getting old? Well, smoking often results in the reduction of body metabolism which is synonymous to getting old. Now, think yourself whether you want a healthy body or an aged one. All these are easy if you quit smoking.
  • Reduced life span: Scientists state that smoking a cigarette cuts your lifespan by four minutes each. So, for a longer life, it is a must to quit smoking.
  • Wastage of money: Would it be any good if you burn your money? For many, smoking is similar to burning bank notes out of the pocket. So, quit smoking now and stop wasting your precious money.

Finally, it is never easy to give up smoking; it needs a stronger heart. So, if you want to enjoy a safe, healthy and balanced life, make sure to quit smoking now!

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