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hgh injectionsOf all the forms of HGH available, Injections are the most popular and effective. If you want to get results immediately from your HGH meds, injections have no alternative. HGH Injections have been widely appraised by the consumers, especially by the Hollywood Stars. If you have ever wondered how your favorite movie stars remain young for decades, you would probably find the answer. Though not exposed publicly, media speculations suggest that many of the popular personnel who have ‘stopped’ aging have somewhat used HGH Injections.

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There are a number of reasons why you should buy HGH injections. An average person starts facing HGH deficiencies when they reach their forties. The deficiency level reaches 14% by 40s and this rate keeps going up. HGH is a peptide hormone produced inside the pituitary gland. If, for any reason, your pituitary gland does not produce plenty of GH, it becomes inevitable to start using HGH injections. You should use injections for the following benefits.

hgh impacts

  • Unlimited youth even after your 60s.
  • Easy to use – anyone from your family can inject.
  • Youthful sex drives and unlimited carnal satisfaction.
  • Guaranteed effective and Widely appraised
  • Stops aging effects.
  • Reduces work stress and eliminates weakness.
  • Boosts up your metabolism
  • Gives your immune system even more strength
  • Ensures a macho body with strong muscular tone

Our Products

We offer you the following HGH Injections. We ship only to the United States; we are sorry if you are from some other countries.


seizenSaizen® is an HGH Injections produced with the recombinant DNA technology. It comprises of 191 amino acid filtrates and 22,125 daltons of molecular weight. Amino acid sequence in Saizen® is similar to the GH of the pituitary gland. It is produce by mammalian cell line which is modified by the GH genes. Saizen® is made of the 3 dimensional configuration into the cells for purification and collections purposes.

  • One of the best HGH Injections
  • Contains somatropin similar to Natural GH
  • Guaranteed effective

Serono, Saizen 1.3 MG Vial

Month Supply Vials IU Per Vial Price Per IU Total
1 11 4 IU $17 $748
2 22 4 IU $16 $1,408
3 33 4 IU $15 $1,980

Serono, Saizen 8 MG Click Easy

Month Supply Vials IU Per Vial Price Per IU Total
1 2 24 IU $17 $816
2 4 24 IU $16 $1,536
3 6 24 IU $15 $2,160

Check out Saizen user guide for best practices.

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humatropeHumatrope® is a popular HGH Injections manufactured by Eli Lilly and Company. Founded by Colonel Eli Lilly, this company is an ever expanding one with businesses operated in more than 13 countries. Manufacturing Humatrope® brought the company 24 billion USD of which 5 billion is spent in research works.

Humatrope® is regarded as an effective treatment for long term HGH deficiencies. It also covers health issues like multiple hormone deficiencies, pituitary diseases, hypothalamic diseases etc.

Humatrope® works fine for both the adults and children.

  • For Adults:  HGH deficiencies due to pituitary diseases, hypothalamic diseases, radiational therapy, trauma etc.
  • For Children: Children who have HGH deficiencies at the childhood are treated with this.

Eli Lilly, Humatrope 5mg Vial

Month Supply Vials IU Per Vial Price Per IU Total
1 3 15 IU $19 $855
2 6 15 IU $18 $1,620
3 9 15 IU $17.50 $2,362

Humatrope® gives you the following health benefits.

  • Generates cell regrowth
  • Boosts up your body metabolism
  • Makes the immune system stronger

For more information on Humatrope®, click here.

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norditropinManufactured by Novo Nordisk, Norditropin® is a completely side-effect free HGH Injection that contains all the 191 amino acid sequences that HGH contains. This injection is solely for those who have to travel a lot as it does not have to be refrigerated after usage. Available in pens, it is easy to use. You should try this product out if you want to reverse HGH deficiency effects.

  • Effective for bodybuilding
  • Used by celebrities
  • Side effect free
  • Need not to be mixed with water

Novo Nordisk, Norditropin 10mg Pen

Month Supply  Pens IU per Pen Price Per IU Total
1 1 30 IU $18 $540
2 2 30 IU $17 $1,020
3 3 30 IU $16 $1,440

Novo Nordisk, Norditropin 15mg Pen

Month Supply  Pens IU per Pen Price Per IU Total
1 1 45 IU $17 $765
2 2 45 IU $16 $1,440
3 3 45 IU $15 $2,025

Click here for Norditropin user guide.

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genotropinGenotropin® is a lyophilized powdered HGH injection approved by FDA. It has the exact same formation and ingredient like the natural growth hormone produced inside the pituitary gland.  This HGH is synthesized with Escherichia coli that contains the original HGH genes. It is highly purified to ensure the best effectiveness.

Pfizer, Genotropin 5.3 mg Vial

Month Supply Vials IU Per Vial Price Per IU Total
1   3 16 IU $15 $720
2   6 16 IU $14 $1,344
3   9 16 IU $13 $1,872

Click here for more information and guidelines on Genotropin®.

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protophinProtophin®, a popular HGH Injection, is a polypeptide hormone produced by the advanced recombinant DNA technology. It has some 192 amino acid deposits and the molecular weight of some 22,000 Daltons. It is synthesized with special lab strain of E Coli bacteria. It also contains amino acid variations, methionine etc.

It adjusts with the body weight while producing growth hormone. This HGH comes as powder which can be used for a number of purposes.

Probiomed, Protophin 5.3 mg Vial

Month Supply Vials IU Per Vial Price Per IU Total
1 3 16 IU $10.50 $504
2 6 16 IU $10 $960
3 9 16 IU $9.50 $1,368

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