How to Avoid Allergy Without Allergy Medicine

allergy proneA recent health report has shown that allergy is the 5th leading chronic disease in the United States. Now the question is whether your allergy problem is a common health problem or something to be worried about. Well, do not panic! The more interesting thing is that 55% of the Americans test positive for one or more allergens. However, allergy is not a serious health issue to be worried about. You can control your allergy in 90% of the cases if you can manage being a bit aware about it. You even require no allergy medicine to get rid of your allergy. All you have to is to follow the tips below.

  • Manage the growth of molds: The first step towards avoiding allergies is not to let molds grow at your home. Molds usually grow in damp, warm and dark places. So, keep the following things in mind.
    • Do not put carpets in dark and damp areas.
    • Clean the entire house very frequently. Use bleaching powder and water.
    • Use fans to ensure air circulation to avoid the growth of molds.
    • Use dehumidifier to avoid any humidity.

One of the most common reasons for allergies is the growth of molds. So, avoid this parasite and stay out of the necessities of allergy medicine.

  • Prevent pollen: The second most common reason for allergies is the growth of pollen. Pollen is usually carried by the clothes you wear. So, follow the tips below to avoid carrying pollen.
    • Change clothes after coming from outdoors.
    • Do not keep the air conditioner open for the whole day; let the fresh air in your home.
    • Take a clean shower when you come home.
    • Change clothes before going to the bed.

Avoiding pollen is not big deal if you follow the instructions above. By this, you can eliminate the need for allergy medicine.vacuum cleaning for allergy

  • Remove dusts: More than half of the allergy prone people including myself report that dust is their allergen. However, but it is quite true that you can avoid dusts in your home if you become a bit aware of this.
    • Keep the home clean and tidy.
    • Use the vacuum cleaner to clean up the dusts and debris.
    • Clean the carpet once a week. Wash it in every month round.
    • Use separate clothes for indoor and outdoor necessities.
    • Keep safe distance from the fur of your pets; bathe the pets regularly.

More than half of the people use allergy medicine for their allergy problems instead of avoiding dusts. So, take this into consideration.

  • Stay safe from pet furs: You definitely love your pets. But do you know that pet furs are one of the most significant reasons why you are with allergy? Well, follow the tips below.
    • Wash the furs of your pets regularly.
    • Feed them healthy foods and foods that do not create dusts.
    • Do not let the pets play in dusts.
    • If these are not enough, talk to your veterinarian.

You can cut the need for consuming allergy medicine by half simply by being careful about your pets.

  • Avoid allergy triggers: Different people have allergy issues with different objects. Though rare, but some people have allergies with water. However, keep reading the tips below to have some knowledge on how to avoid other allergy triggers.
    • Keep the carpets & rugs clean and tidy.
    • Avoid smoking as much as you can.
    • Stop being in the smoky areas.
    • Wash your clothes and other items regularly.
  • The allergy medicine: What if nothing works out? Well, at Health Exclusives, we offer an exclusive allergy medicine named AsthmaMist Asthma Relief. Though this med specializes in dealing with asthma, but it also works for allergy problems. But, we recommend talking to your doctor before consuming our medication.

Finally, though allergy is a serious issue for the allergy prone people, but it can be avoided very easily if you can follow the instructions mentioned above. However, we do not recommend using the allergy medicine, but you can use it as the last way of getting rid of this age long problem.

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