How to Buy the Best Sunscreen

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Using sunscreen to protect your skin from the scorching sunshine is a perfect idea. Apart from saving you from being burnt, it also protects the skin from UVR (Ultraviolet Ray). But, when it comes to picking up any particular sunscreen, it may not go as easy as it is thought. However, following is a list of some exclusive tips that will help you pick the right sunscreen.

  • FDA Approved: The Food and Drug Association controls the approval of medicines and foods in the United Stated. Before you pick up your package of sunscreen, make sure that it is approved by FDA. Some manufacturers claim that their sunscreen is ‘waterproof’ or ‘sweat proof’. This is technically impossible because if you buy sunscreen, it can no way save you from being wet when you dive into water or it cannot stop your skin
  • Sunscreen containing zinc oxide: The next thing to notice is the ingredients used.  To maximize your protection from extreme sunlight and heat, you should buy sunscreen that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. This chemical will ensure the least absorption through your skin.
  • Do not use powder: Powder or spray might be good for certain products but not for sunscreen. Honestly, using sunscreen powder or spray is not a good idea. They are less effective comparing to creams.
  • Avoid products with oxybenzone: Oxybenzone penetrated the skin and causes certain skin oriented diseases. So, when you purchase your sunscreen, be sure to check whether it contains oxybenzone or not. If it does, simply avoid that sunscreen regardless of the manufacturer.
  • Avoid items with over SPF 50: Sun protection factor (SPF) is a standard factor for understanding how much any particular sunscreen can protect your skin from sun. Howver, products with over SPF 50 level should be avoided.

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