Is Obesity a ‘Disease’?

obesity in the USA

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It would be quite shocking to know that some one-third of the population of the United States are somewhat ‘diseased’. The decision to term obesity as ‘disease’ came in the latest annual meeting of the American Medical Association (AMA). BBC reports that though a large number of the delegates of the association disagreed on the decision, but it was finally approved. Now that, more than 34% of the people living in the USA are clinically ‘diseased’.

The decision would possibly be the most challenging for insurance companies. It is not clear yet how they would incline to the overweight diseases. Insurance policies might bring in some radical changes concerning the issues.

Ardis Hoven, the president of AMA believes that this decision will increase focus on the treatment and other facilities regarding obesity. She thinks that physicians will not give more emphasis on treating obese population which will have long term effects on them. This might also increase more training and learning facilities to the doctors which will also benefit the patients.

She said, “When we are sitting in the examining room and talking about things to prevent weight gain and promote weight loss, what this is going to enable us to do is put together tools and teaching and education around better ways to impact patient responsiveness around our concerns about their obesity” when affirming the AMA approval.

There are debates concerning the latest decision. Lesley Kinzel, an editor of a popular health website believes that people suffering from obesity oriented health issues will now enjoy some more attention than ever. Their health issues are not taken seriously; but now they will have the privilege of getting proper medical care.

On the contrary, many people believe that this move is quite bad. Judy Gaman, a health consultant based in Texas believes that this decision will bring in social divisions. Judy questions whether restaurants selling high calorie foods will be sued or not.

It is not yet clear whether terming obesity as ‘disease’ would have negative impacts or positive, but it is for certain that people have already started thinking about obesity seriously.

Source: BBC

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