Researchers Find a Path to the Cure of Migraine

migraine painWho hasn’t ever experienced an acute pain in the side or front parts of the head? It is reported that some 14% of adults are direct victims of migraine whereas the percentage for unusual sufferers is even more. The reason for migraine was unknown until now.

But, according to a BBC report, researchers from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute have been able to detect five areas of the brain that have connections with migraine. They see it as a way of ‘opening doors’ for a higher study on the field to invent a cure. They include that the research was conducted on some 10,000 people; they were closely observed.

Dr Padhraig Gormley of the institution states that the reasons for migraine were unknown till now; but they have been able to allocate five genetic issues that are interconnected with migraine. He told that, “These five new genetic regions increase your susceptibility to develop migraine.” This new five areas of migraine possibility means that they add up the number to 12 whereas there are 7 existing areas.

He is hopeful that since the areas have been traced down, the possible cure is not far away. He terms this new research as, “very important to informing the direction of research”. However, it is believed that invention of the cure will surely cut the wait time short.

The researchers are mostly parts of the international Headache Genetics Consortium.

Source: BBC

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