10 Effective Tips on How to Quit Smoking

quit smokingThrowing a burning cigarette to the trash does not always mean you are ready to quit smoking; it needs lot more enthusiasm. History suggests that though every smoker like you tries to quit smoking at the first hand, but the ratio of the successful is less than 10%. But, do not be frustrated. You have the eagerness to quit smoking, and that is the reason why you are here. This article will elaborate you some highly effective tips on how to quit smoking.

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How to quit smoking

  • Try out an electronic cigarette: Well, if you still want to continue smoking, try out an electronic nicotine free cigarette. At Health Exclusives, we offer an outstanding NicoCure Electronic Cigarette that can meet your smoking demands and eliminate the nicotine harms of smoking.
  • Be specific to the reason: You need energetic determination to stop smoking. But, the first thing is that you have to be very specific to the reason why you want to quit smoking. The reason may either be to keep your body fit or to fascinate someone – you have to believe in the reason.
  • Do not stop smoking suddenly: Quitting smoking does not mean you have to give up smoking all of a sudden. It will leave some remarks on you. Instead, try gradually to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke.
  • Do it for yourself: Do not know why and how to quit smoking? Well, you have to ensure that you understand why you want to give up smoking. Try to do it for yourself other than for someone else. Try to learn what the negative effects of smoking are.
  • Calculate how much you waste: If you smoke 20 cigarettes and day, which means you take 600 a month. What is the amount you spend behind smoking in a whole month? Take this into consideration. Though this is not directly related to how to quit smoking, but it is a pretty serious issue.stop smoking
  • Imagine what you can do with the money saved: You do not waste money in smoking means, you now have some savings. Imagine where you can invest this huge sum of money. You can buy gifts to one of your beloved family members or others. Instead, you can even start some new business as well.
  • Consider the time count: If smoking a cigarette needs 5 minutes then you are wasting 100 minutes a day and 3000 minutes a month. Can you do something innovative by investing this time in some new sectors? So, you know already know how to quit smoking.
  • What benefits you have for smoking: ‘Why do I smoke?’ – ask yourself. Well, most people would answer that smoking removes depression. But, the concept is wrong. Though you are stimulated for a small amount of time, but in the long run, you are left depressed again.

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  • You are a non-smoker: There was a time when you were a non-smoker, now you smoke but want to be a non-smoker again. What is that? You are already psychologically a non-smoker. All it needs a little amount of time where this ‘how to quit smoking’ can guide you through.
  • Set a date: Set a deadline for the date you want to quit smoking. This can be your birthday, marriage day, your kid’s birthday, Christmas or anything. This is vital to quit smoking.

Finally, reading a lot on how to quit smoking can do you no good if you are confused within. So, your determination is more than enough to guide you towards a smoking free life.

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    • Shafiq on August 26, 2012 at 3:24 am
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    Great tips, but I need to know are you sure that the electronic cigarette you have suggested has no harm on the smoker?

    1. Yes Mr. S, we are pretty sure about that, in fact, the product is tested by our experts.

    • Levoh on September 21, 2012 at 7:41 am
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    Great tips. Thanks! I tried to quit smoking for a couple of times but failed. Now, I will try this electronic cigarette. Hopefully, it will work. Thanks for sharing these info here.

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